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Illustration vs. Photography

DSLR camera illustrated in black outline
Camera illustrated by

Visual Showdown

The Pros & Cons of Illustration and Photography for Branding

Today, let's chat about a crucial decision every business owner faces: should you go for brand illustrations or stick with photography?

Pros of Brand Illustrations:

Uniqueness & Customisation: Illustrations are tailored to your brand's personality, offering a one-of-a-kind look that stands out in a sea of similarity. We're all about making you unforgettable! 

Versatility: Illustrations can be used across various mediums without losing quality. From business cards to billboards, they adapt like chameleons. 

Storytelling: With illustrations, you have the power to tell your brand's story visually. Each element can convey your message, creating a lasting impression.  Did you know that of 70% of the population are visual learners, meaning they absorb information with graphic images more than text based information.

Consistency: They ensure consistency in design, colours, and tone, reinforcing your brand identity. Customers will always recognise you. 

Timelessness: Illustrations often age better than photos. No more worrying about outdated visuals in a couple of years. 

For a deeper dive into the advantages of using brand illustrations, check out this article by The Noun Project: The Importance of Brand Illustrations.

two hands holding up a camera. One side of the image is illustrated and the other side is a photo.
Both left and right image taken from

 Pros of Photography:

Authenticity: Real photos capture real moments and emotions, creating an authentic connection with your audience. This is even more true with the boom of Reels and TikTok - people value and engage with authentic people.

Trustworthiness: People tend to trust what they see. Genuine photos can build trust and credibility. 

Quick & Easy: Photos are readily available and require less time and effort than custom illustrations. Perfect for those tight deadlines... However, professional photography is key to show your brand in the best light and give off a great first impression.

SEO & Accessibility: Photos can be optimised for SEO, making your website more discoverable, and are accessible to visually impaired users with proper descriptions. 

Showcasing Products: If your business revolves around physical products, photography is a must to showcase them in all their glory. 

To delve deeper into the benefits of using photography for your brand, I recommend this article by Shopify: How Branding Photography Can Boost Your Business

So, which one's the winner?

It really depends on your brand, your message, and your audience. Sometimes a blend of both can be the secret to success. 

At Creatifly, we personally use both illustrations and photography. We'd love to chat and help you decide which path suits your brand best. Feel free to reach out for a chat, or check out some of our work here: Creatifly Portfolio

Remember, it's not about what's trendy; it's about what tells your brand's story the best.