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Social Media Design Templates

Let your business shine with our personalised social media packages

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Dive into our custom social media packages

Elevate your online presence with our bespoke social media packages, designed to showcase your brand in style.

Attract potential clients with seamlessly integrated headers and profile images across platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. With consistent colours and fonts that match your brand, your online presence will be instantly recognisable.

We'll kickstart things with nine Instagram tiles (or Facebook posts, if preferred) that captivate and engage. These tiles will be set up as a template in Canva, ensuring effortless production (by yourself) for ongoing social media campaigns.


Explore our flexible pricing options for web design and development, easily customisable to suit your requirements.

Social Media Boost Package

Whether you're diving into social media for the first time or feeling lost in the sea of posts. Let's get things looking fresh and exciting with a social media package that reflects your brand and engages your audience.

This package includes:

  • 9x custom posts featuring a mixture of your products (or offerings), personalised quotes and messages tailored to your brand.

  • A selection of on-brand stock images (if needed).

  • Up to 4x Instagram highlight tiles.

  • Canva template with the above posts that you’ll be able to adjust and use in future. 

And the best part? These posts can be shared across all your social media platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest.

Price: Starting at $500 +GST

Facebook/LinkedIn Banners

Upgrade your brand's visibility with on-brand Facebook or LinkedIn header banners and profile images, ensuring clear and consistent look that resonates with your audience, making your brand instantly recognisable.

Package Includes:

  • Custom-designed Facebook or LinkedIn cover image 

  • Perfectly sized branded profile picture for a polished and branded social media presence.

  • Additional option to resize these cover images to be added to your website as a branded hero image, maximising your brand's visibility across platforms.

Price: Starting at $100 +GST

Take your social media game to the next level!